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Production & Manufacturing

Optimisation of production

Large-scale production of any item is complex because of the number of factors involved: a balance must be struck between supplies of raw materials and energy, logistics and components, labour, production tools and their maintenance, while production, time, cost and quality targets must be met.


baobab soluciones planification car industry

Pharmaceutical company

One of the leading producers of gases for medical and industrial use, with several factories in Spain and more than 200 worldwide, needed to optimise its electricity consumption costs. At baobab, we devised a production planning solution that knowing the demand for the company’s gases and its energy costs, helped minimise the energy consumption of each of its plants, while also staying within capacity and logistics constraints.

  • The resulting energy savings exceeded 5% of total consumption. 
  • The planning process became simpler, faster, more flexible and less dependent on expert knowledge. 
    • Planning is available in minutes instead of hours.
    • It is now possible to react to unforeseen events.
    • Two experts are freed from having to execute the solution so they can concentrate on understanding the problem and working on contingency scenarios (what-if analysis).
    • Simple to explain. No time is wasted on training.

Optimisation of production

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world needed to optimise production in one of its Madrid plants, while maintaining delivery times, minimizing costs and meeting the strict technical, regulatory and organisational demands of pharmaceutical production. Previously, this planning was carried out almost manually, with the help of a spreadsheet, which was slow and did not allow for replanning.

At baobab, we created a solution that enabled this major pharmaceutical company to:
  • Import information from their management systems and evaluate production sequences.
  • Optimise production programming and export it to the planning tool.

Optimisation of stocks for production plant

A car manufacturer required for one of its plants in Spain a solution that would allow it to keep track of its stock. The plant produces five models of vehicles, each with between 70,000 and 100,000 parts, for an annual production of more than 450,000 vehicles customised for the buyer.

Previously, the automobile company had used a complex stock management tool with a multitude of data collection points and little transparency, which caused a lack of confidence in the operators.

At baobab, we developed a component management solution that concentrates the different data sources and enables managing of incidents (lost or defective parts) that affect stock. This solution allows the customer to perform better data analysis and manage stocks in real time, with quick communication of incidents between the departments involved.

baobab soluciones logistics

Route Optimisation

A parcel services company with seven distribution centres in Spain, 200 local agencies and a volume of more than 250,000 parcels transported each day needed to reduce its transport and storage costs.

At baobab we developed a solution that enabled them to optimise the transport, vehicle type and route for each distribution centre and agency. This yielded double digits cost savings per package.

Automatic supply for service stations

The client, one of the largest energy companies in Europe, with more than 25,000 employees, needed to modernise the supply process for nearly 1,000 service stations in Spain.

Previously, the task depended on the knowledge of the manager of each station, who had to predict sales per product in seeking to avoid overfills or shortages taking account of time of year, logistics costs and holidays, among other factors. It was inefficient and unsuitable for unattended service stations.

At baobab, we developed a solution that allowed them to automate stock forecasts and product orders at each service station. The solution was based on a sales prediction module and another of optimisation of orders and stock levels, taking account of restrictions such as delivery and operation times, and using all available context data on each station, on products, demand, available warehouses and transport.

Design of logistic network

The client, a company in the energy sector, needed to scale and plan the network of warehouses interfacing with its suppliers and contractors in order to minimise operating costs within three to five years, taking into consideration transport, goods and implementation costs.

Previously, the planning of these warehouses was carried out manually by each department, but the client decided to create a cross-functional logistics department.

At baobab, we designed a solution based on linear programming algorithms, with an optimal number of locations that help minimise their costs while taking account of the constraints of both customers and suppliers. The result? More than 20% savings in operational and logistics costs.

Planning of supply chain

  • Drawing up of annual plans.
  • Preparation of the budget.
  • Decisions on procurement, transport and storage.
  • Monthly replanning.

Supply Chain

Optimisation of design, planning and operations

Logistics planning and route management are classic use cases of Operations Research. Predictive analytics tools enable realistic estimates of future demand to be incorporated into logistics planning and facilitate planners’ work, thus allowing them to react more quickly and securely to last-minute changes, thereby minimizing stocks and logistics costs.


Network Design


Operational Procedures

Industry 4.0 & Logistics 4.0.

Digital Twin

Designing plants and systems is too slow and costly when relying solely on continuous improvement methodologies. A designer needs to measure the suitability of a design’s response to different situations.

At baobab, we use simulation tools that allow a designer to create a virtual model of a prototype, propose different scenarios and objectively measure the response: quickly, economically and risk-free.

Baobab Digital Twin mathematical simulation

Digital Twin in a large city Metro system

The client needed a Digital Twin of an autonomous metro line in which they could experiment with different configuration parameters: train speed, distance between trains and stopping times at stations and so on, and measure the impact on passengers’ waiting time, taking into account boarding and offloading times.

At baobab, we designed a solution that can simulate existing regulations, trains’ and passengers’ behaviour patterns and measure waiting times.

Digital Twin of Airport Terminal

One of Europe’s leading airlines needed a tool that would allow it to propose where to place check-in counters at its airport terminal, taking account of costs, flight routes and different passenger flows, in order to improve its check-in process.

Baobab mathematics applied to retail

Shift management tool

The client, one of the leading global fashion brands, needed a tool that would allow them to quickly adjust staff shifts in their stores, minimise overtime, adapt to each person’s circumstances and preferences, keep demand covered and maximise return.

Previously, the weekly shift was drawn up by the store manager, which was less than optimal, prone to human error and unsuited for reacting to last-minute changes.

At baobab, we developed a tool that enables a store manager to automatically and mathematically generate shift timetables by using linear programming. This tool ensures that the resulting timetable meets store requirements and observes any restrictions.


Retail Consulting 4.0

The retail segment faces an environment of shrinking margins that requires constant improvement in prices, products and costs, as well as an assessment of customer relationships in order to increase average store spending compared to the competition.



Marketing optimisation

Predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques allow us to analyse your customers’ journey in your business, classify it and quantitatively estimate the success of any possible marketing actions.


Baobab marketing mathematical client segmentation
Baobab mathematical application to telecommunication industries


Specific applications for Telecommunications

The telecommunications sector is facing its own challenges: the rapid increase in traffic and connected devices, the transition to customer-centric organisations, data-driven decision-making or new 5G-based business models, all in a highly complex environment, with a multitude of providers and technologies, a proliferation of services and the need for cost control.

Data analysis and decision automation are core elements for all operators.


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