Academic Rigor. Business Agility.

We combine the latest mathematical techniques with the most talented specialists to develop automatic solutions to industrial scale problems and help top-tier companies and organisations in their decision making.

We are a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Madrid

At baobab, we have always had close ties to the academic world and, in particular, to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / Technical University of Madrid. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Two of the founders are professors of the Industrial Engineering, Business Administration & Statistics Department of ETSI Industriales. Throughout these years, baobab has participated in academic forums such as meetings of research networks or scientific conferences, and we have had the direct participation of research professors in our projects. In this way, baobab is always in contact with state-of-the-art research and, in addition, we make our own contribution to the academic world by generating knowledge.When a client like you presents us with a problem, we devise the best solution using the most advanced scientific knowledge and tools.

Baobab who we are, academic
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Combining the best talent with best practices

At baobab we know how to translate technical knowledge into solutions available to our clients. To do this, we put the best professionals to work for you. They draw upon the most rigorous sources of knowledge and have experience in translating “real” problems into mathematics-based applications.

We know what the business world is like and how demanding it is. A good algorithm is necessary, but not enough. It has to work for the leaders of the organisation and take into account all the complexity of real systems. The solutions we deliver must have a direct impact on the bottom line. After all, the key always lies in the return on investment.

We make your challenges our own

Where others see problems, we see challenges. The greater the difficulty, the more value we provide.

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Robust data-based solutions

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