Decision Science to
Solve your Business Challenges

At baobab we are experts in Operations Research and Prescriptive Analytics, a branch of mathematics at the service of decision making. Together with the most advanced machine learning techniques, it enables us to find the best solutions to our clients’ problems.

How we do it


The right questions so
we can give you cutting-edge answers.

As expert scientists and consultants, we know that the key to a good result lies in how a question is asked.

In baobab we put ourselves in your company’s place, analyse the specific cases it is dealing with in all their facets, and help you separate what is important from what is not. Next, our methodology identifies which levers you can use and which KPIs are most important to you, characterise the reality of your company, describe the use cases and distill all the information to then allow us to do what we know best: Mathematics.

Operations Research and Prescriptive Analytics

We translate your business objectives into high-level mathematics.

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We devise how to deal with the complexity of your problem in order to offer you solutions. We choose the best techniques, explore the data collected to ensure that we use valid information, and design the mathematical strategy that best suits you.

In addition, we assign to you a project team that will work side by side with you in perfect synchrony. We will present you with a governance scheme, a project plan, we will agree on decision points and deliverables, and everything so that you are in control at all times.

Our techniques

Artificial intelligence, data science, advanced analytics, machine learning, deep learning, decision trees, business intelligence, data mining, predictive modeling, strategic consulting, risk analysis, opportunity discovery

Quantifiable Results. Scientific Rigour.

Mathematical solutions to your problems.

We synthesise problems into mathematical models. These are then ingrained in our tools to seek and find solutions to our clients’ problems, relying on the best optimisation engines and algorithms and the most advanced data science. Furthermore, we create applications that are fed by our clients’ corporate systems and allow users like you to explore different scenarios and find the best solution for each of them.

Baobab, mathematical solutions for your business challenges. Next Best Action.

Next Best Action

Solutions to maximise (or minimise) an objective

Our optimisation puts “the best possible solution” at your fingertips. We know that your business problems can be complex, that there may be a large number of possible solutions, that the human mind, after investing a considerable amount of time, is capable of finding reasonably good solutions. But what you may not know is that we search intelligently and quickly, and that we find the best possible solution: the one with the lowest costs, the one that reduces delivery times the most and, in short, the one that best suits your needs.

Baobab, mathematical solutions for your business challenges. Digital Twin.

Digital Twin

Experiments in a complex virtual system

Present technologies make it possible to build virtual models that reproduce the behaviour of a system in detail as a “digital model.” With these models you can quickly carry out risk-free experiments at no cost, giving companies like yours the power to know beforehand what will happen in certain situations. What happens if you expand your factory's capacity or change the production plan? What happens if your suppliers fail you? What if demand increases? With the "Digital Twin” we can explore the impact that different events have on a system to discern what actions to take by knowing beforehand the possible results.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Operations Research have contributed to creating added value at a strategic, tactical and operational level in a multitude of industries and business sectors. Find out more.

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Robust data-based solutions

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