OptNAR team (UPM) in final of AIMMS/MOPTA modeling competition


Three UPM students are finalist AIMMS/MOPTA modeling competition. The OptNAR team, consisting of Raúl Pulido, Natalia Ibañez and Adrián Aguirre (INTEC), will present the results of their solution to a specific ‘Operating theater planning problem’ at the MOPTA conference on 14-16 August in Bethlehem, America.

They are researching at the UPM, in the Industrial Engineering doctorate program in the Math-based Decision Making in Logistics and Operations.

In this competition, teams consider a particular instance of an OR scheduling and sequencing problem. The goal of each team is to develop effective, quantitative, user-friendly tools to support an OR manager’s scheduling and sequencing decisions by using the AIMMS modeling environment.

About the MOPTA conference
The ‘Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Application’ conference (MOPTA) takes place once a year. The aim of the conference is to bring together diverse groups of specialists, from both the discrete and continuous optimization perspective, who work with both the theoretical and applied aspects. The conference takes place over three days (14-16 August), with a number of high profile speakers on the program.

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