Three key signs that mathematics will help you improve your business operations

The first step in developing an optimisation solution is to find out where there is a suitable scenario to work on, where and why a business process is lacking, and what are those indications that will help us to focus the shot, to bet on projects that will be clear winners.

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School Timetabling

Did you know that calculating university or college timetables is one of the most difficult problems to solve? In this post, we present the fundamental aspects of this problem and explain how we can improve the schedules of educational institutions.

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Column Generation

The column generation method is used to efficiently solve complex combinatorial problems as diverse as cutting metal bars, designing personnel shifts, routing vehicles, scheduling production or planning site visits by sales or maintenance teams. In this article, we will use a simple example to explain how this method works.

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Artificial Intelligence in Logistics 4.0

The term "Logistics 4.0" was coined a few years ago in close association with the wider known "Industry 4.0" concept, which refers to successive industrial revolutions: from mechanization with steam engines, through electrification and computerization, and reaching the use of intelligent and automated systems based on data in the 4th revolution. In Logistics, the same evolution has been followed and it is now the moment in which Artificial Intelligence is beginning to be used to improve processes.

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