Meet Laure Yang and learn about her experience with boabab

Laure Yang, Railway Operation engineer, entrusted baobab for a simulation project of an unattended metro line for which she needed to define optimal policies in terms of passenger dwelling times.

The simulation model allowed analyzing the performance of different train regulation policies under different conditions. We needed to find the best policies not only under normal conditions but also under less common conditions: maximum demand, low demand, sporting events, etc.

Laure Yang, Railway Operation engineer.

In this context, carrying out field tests is not a desirable option due to its costs, duration and inconvenience for service users. Simulation is an efficient, fast and accurate option.

The project was a success because it allowed us to quickly see how dwelling times would vary in different scenarios.

Laure Yang, Railway Operation engineer

The collaboration with the baobab team in Madrid was simple despite the distance.

The baobab team was very professional and easy to work with, their work was of excellent quality and I hope to work with them again in the future. I do recommend baobab.

Laure Yang, Railway Operation engineer

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