baobab soluciones: a liquid organization

Since the beginning of human organization, we have created a special way of interacting with our environment. Initially covering the most basic needs, intended for survival, such as obtaining food, shelter and protection. However, over time other social, political, economic and technological factors were integrated, which has led to evolve the way we interact, thus creating more adaptable, collaborative and innovative organizations.

What about the business?

We could say that these entities have undergone a similar process, going from simple individual organization to complex associations of people with different profiles and interests that require a much more harmonious and rich interaction. All in order to improve productivity and maintain high competitiveness.

In an increasingly dynamic and challenging business environment, remaining competitive means being able to quickly adapt to market changes, customer needs and technological advances.

At baobab we have realized from the beginning that being innovative in our products and our way of approaching the business also had to be highly related to being innovative in terms of our organizational structure, moving away from traditional rigid and hierarchical structures  aiming to become a liquid organization.

What do we understand by “ liquid organization”?

A liquid organization is one that has the ability to quickly adapt to the changes and challenges that arise in an increasingly volatile and complex environment. Instead of being rigid and hierarchical, it is characterized by being agile, collaborative and flexible, capable of responding effectively and efficiently to market demands and the needs of its clients.

In a liquid organization, the barriers between departments and work areas are absolutely permeable, which generates fluid communication and collaboration between all members of the organization. Likewise, decisions are made in a horizontal and collaborative manner, instead of being imposed from the top management, thus promoting creativity and innovation, which can translate into more innovative and effective Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for our clients.

The liquid mindset involves a paradigm shift in the way we think about work and organization, placing an emphasis on flexibility, agility and collaboration. Therefore, companies that adopt this way of thinking are better prepared to face the challenges of the future and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

How have we managed to be a liquid organization?

  1. Horizontal structure

In baobab the hierarchy is less marked than in traditional companies. It is made up of multidisciplinary teams that work on projects and dissolve when objectives are met. Likewise, the roles within the teams are flexible and can vary, which allows better adaptation to the needs of the company and its clients.

  1. Decentralized decision making

Power is distributed among various teams and individuals. This implies less bureaucracy and, therefore, greater agility and transparency in decision-making, producing greater autonomy and innovation at all levels of the organization.

  1. Fluid communication

At baobab, communication channels are open and transparent, which promotes the free flow of information.

For example, to facilitate communication between employees, the use of the Slack messaging application was implemented. In addition, Intranet assists all employees, making available content, files and tools that facilitate relationships between people and teams.

One of the notable initiatives, implemented since 2016, is the Show and Tell (SnT), a series of weekly presentations aimed at all baobabs about the company’s ongoing projects.

Figure 1. Show and Tell baobab team
  1. Focus on talent

At Baobab it is clear that people are the company’s most important asset. Therefore, they provide opportunities for employee development, encouraging continuous learning and allowing employees to have 20% of their time for this.

  1. Flexibility

The implementation of remote work has provided numerous benefits. First, it has allowed greater flexibility for employees in terms of their geographical location, thus resulting in increased diversity in the team. In addition, it contributes to job satisfaction and employee commitment to the organization.

  1. Collaboration

baobab office´s configuration is designed to encourage interaction, with open spaces and multipurpose work areas, which stimulates innovation, improves productivity and increases the motivation of all team members.

Baobab not only promotes collaboration within the company, but also recognizes the importance of cooperation between organizations and institutions, promoting open innovation. To mention a couple of examples, baobab has recently participated in projects with the Ramon y Cajal Hospital and a energy consortium led by Iberdrola.

Creatividad organización
Figure 2. Illustration @vectorjustice.

In conclusion, our way of understanding the organizational structure, collaboration and work flows allows us to stay at the forefront in a highly complex sector and continue growing in a market full of changes and challenges. At baobab soluciones we have realized that innovation in the organizational structure is a key factor and provides a competitive advantage that brings us a little closer to business success.

BAOBAB SOLUCIONES, S.L. Within the framework of the subsidy and co-financing from the European FEDER fund, has worked on the project “Development of AI algorithms with prescriptive analytics for the global optimization of healthcare operations”. The purpose of this support being the promotion and development of the information society in Spain (technological development and digital content function).