Lectures at the Master in Operations & Industrial Security, UNLA (Quito, Ecuador)

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Álvaro García, founding partner at baobab soluciones and professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, will read three lectures at the Master in Operations & Industrial Security at the Universidad de Las Américas in Quito (Ecuador). Over the course of three days (June 14th-16th), Professor García will instruct middle managers from a variety of companies on the benefits of applying Optimization techniques during their decision-making process. The approach of these lectures will be mostly practical, focussing on concrete use cases from different sectors that showcase the cost savings that can be obtained when mathematics are put to the service of the business.

Students will have the opportunity to work on professional tools specifically designed for developing optimization models, to discuss use cases and to suggest their own solutions. The use cases will cover design and operation of a supply chain, workforce scheduling (facility planning, delivery of goods, plant allocation to customers…), production planning and line balancing.

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