Webinar: Supply Chain Management and Prescriptive Analytics. Improving efficiency and enhancing service level

UPDATE: This webinar has already taken place, feel free to watch it here. You can add your questions on its content to the comment section of our YouTube channel.

Next October 29th at 12PM CET, our founder Dr. Álvaro García will host a webinar over baobab’s YouTube channel entitled “Supply Chain Management and Prescriptive Analytics. Improving efficiency and enhancing service level.“, in cooperation with AIMMS.

This webinar will provide an overview of how operations research can be of great help to address problems in the area of supply chain management, ranging from the strategy down to the operational level.

At a strategic level, network design is a sensitive process with strong implications in the cost and performance of the supply chain. A well designed network enables a smooth operation of the supply chain aligned with the overall strategy of the company. On the contrary if this strategic decision is poorly executed, the company will not be able to meet its customer demand at an adequate cost.

We will present a case study of a realistic system under different assumptions and scenarios. This case study will show the connection between warehouse costs and transportation costs and how they can be minimized by using an optimization model to support the decision making on where to locate a new warehouse.

Supply chain and innovation managers attending this webinar will be more aware of the existing alternatives based on mathematics to efficiently locate new warehouses, upgrade existing ones and how to allocate the consumers to each of them in order to minimize the overall logistic operation cost.

We will use AIMMS’ SC Navigator to facilitate the design of an efficient and effective network. We will perform several what-if analysis and answer questions as to how we should redesign our supply chain network.

The contents of the webinar are listed below:

  1. Intro to SCM management and operations research
  2. Network design. How maths can help.
  3. AIMMS SC Navigator. A tool to assist the process
  4. Case study
  5. Q&A

If you are interested in hearing more about how we support Supply Chain Management please contact us at info@baobabsoluciones.es