Boost your margins with AI-enhanced product labeling

Beyond its informational function for consumers, product labeling plays a crucial role in retail logistics. Considering that the global market for warehouse and store automation is expected to exceed $54.6 billion by 2030, and that warehouse automation technologies have the potential to reduce labor costs by up to 60%, the application of AI in this area of retail can represent a major growth opportunity for businesses.

Are you looking to improve your labeling processes? AI is the solution, and in this blog, we’ll explain how.

What is product labeling?

As the name suggests, product labeling and coding involve marking merchandise with a unique code to facilitate its location and control in warehouses and stores.

What are the benefits?

Applying Artificial Intelligence to product labeling can enhance every step of the workflow, providing greater efficiency, accuracy, and automation.

While this process varies depending on the type of product, the technology used, and the specific characteristics of each business, the benefits of AI in labeling can be summarized as follows:

5 Benefits of having experts implement AI in product labeling

Implementing AI in retail product labeling is complex and requires technical knowledge and extensive experience. Having a team of experts, such as technicians, mathematicians, and data engineers, is crucial for the success of these initiatives. Here’s why:

Deep Understanding of AI Technology:

At companies like baobab, we have an in-depth knowledge of the various technologies and tools available, allowing us to select the most suitable solution for your business’s specific needs. We also understand the limitations and challenges of AI, enabling us to develop strategies to mitigate them.

Experience in Implementing AI Solutions:

AI experts have experience implementing AI projects across various sectors, which helps in identifying and avoiding common mistakes. We also know best practices for integrating AI into existing systems and managing change within organizations.

Data Analysis Skills:

We are also experts in data analysis, extracting valuable insights from the labeling process to improve efficiency, identify purchasing trends, and optimize inventory management.

Ability to Tailor Solutions to Business Needs:

We adapt AI solutions to the specific needs of your business, taking into account product characteristics, logistical processes, and strategic objectives.

Monitoring and Maintaining the Solution:

Additionally, we monitor the performance of AI solutions and make necessary adjustments to maintain their effectiveness, while identifying new opportunities for improvement.

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    In summary, product labeling is a fundamental element for efficient logistics in retail, enabling precise product identification, streamlining processes, increasing order preparation accuracy, and optimizing warehouse space. This translates into improved product traceability and better customer service.

    Investing in an effective labeling system is just one of the many applications that Opti-AI models can offer. Discover other opportunities to enhance your business by downloading our eBook “Retail Inteligente.”