4 Steps to transform Logistics with Artificial Intelligence

All companies, especially the larger ones, are undertaking an unstoppable digital transformation process. And it is not about incorporating technology for its own sake, but for their own survival: companies that will fall behind will disappear. Among the most disruptive technologies is Artificial Intelligence with Advanced Data Analytics, which is playing an ever more important role in this digital transformation.

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Artificial Intelligence in Logistics 4.0

The term "Logistics 4.0" was coined a few years ago in close association with the wider known "Industry 4.0" concept, which refers to successive industrial revolutions: from mechanization with steam engines, through electrification and computerization, and reaching the use of intelligent and automated systems based on data in the 4th revolution. In Logistics, the same evolution has been followed and it is now the moment in which Artificial Intelligence is beginning to be used to improve processes.

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