Optimization Applied to Health Care

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Optimization is often related to logistic problems, supply chains or resource management, where its aim is to get the more profit the better. However, this is a misconception of the…

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Google, maps and FedEx

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Google now offers a new maps engine, running in its servers, for businesses. The idea is to use maps as documents to represent data. It seems FedEx has built some…

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Sparklines for Excel

A set of free User Defined Functions for Microsoft Excel® to create Sparklines. The simple, intense, word-sized graphics invented by Edward Tufte & implemented by Fabrice Rimlinger. Very good graphics…

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OptNAR team (UPM) in final of AIMMS/MOPTA modeling competition


Three UPM students are finalist AIMMS/MOPTA modeling competition. The OptNAR team, consisting of Raúl Pulido, Natalia Ibañez and Adrián Aguirre (INTEC), will present the results of their solution to a specific ‘Operating theater planning problem’ at the MOPTA conference on 14-16 August in Bethlehem, America.

They are researching at the UPM, in the Industrial Engineering doctorate program in the Math-based Decision Making in Logistics and Operations.

In this competition, teams consider a particular instance of an OR scheduling and sequencing problem. The goal of each team is to develop effective, quantitative, user-friendly tools to support an OR manager’s scheduling and sequencing decisions by using the AIMMS modeling environment.


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ROADEF/EURO challenge 2014

The French Operational Research (OR) and Decision Support Society (ROADEF) organizes exceptionaly jointly with the European Operational Research Society (EURO) the ROADEF/EURO challenge 2012 dedicated to trains assignment in collaboration…

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