Smart Energy R&D Consortium

smart energy

Within the framework of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has awarded a grant of 12 million euros to the Iberdrola-led consortium of which baobab is a member.

AI R&D Missions: Sectoral Impact with Artificial Intelligence

This funding has been granted through the call for AI R&D Missions, charged to the Next Generation funds of the European Union, and focused on Artificial Intelligence projects.

Five consortia have won in this call, three in the health sector, one in the agri-food sector, and ours was the only one in the energy sector, in the “21st Century Energy” section.

R&D Missions IA aims to ensure that all companies and entities in each strategic sector benefit from the results of R&D projects, besides those of the consortium partners. The impact must be highly relevant and highly disruptive to address the grand societal challenges or country missions referred to in the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

21st Century Energy and baobab

The consortium, in line with the AI R&D Missions guidelines, aims to “reinvent the electricity grid in the era of smart digital technologies, combining AI and energy-neutral algorithms (green algorithms), in distributed generations environments and renewable energy storage”.

Specifically, the projects led by baobab are based on the combined application of the latest techniques in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Vision, etc. (Artificial Intelligence), and of Mathematical Optimisation, Simulation, etc. (Operations Research), in areas such as:

  • Generation / Smart Sustainable Production:
    • Optimisation of the performance of hydroelectric power plants.
    • Optimisation of the layout of wind farms.
  • Distribution / Smart Grid:
    • Application of artificial vision to the maintenance of the electricity distribution grid.
    • Optimisation of inspection and maintenance routes.
    • Failure impact analysis to optimise asset investment.
  • Marketing / Design and Optimised Market Management:
    • Optimising energy trading decisions in an environment of uncertainty.
    • Optimisation of electricity supply and demand matching.
  • Smart Consumption:
    • Optimisation of the location of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Better solutions for companies in the Energy sector

Baobab, which provides solutions for different areas of the Energy sector, will receive a new boost in its R&D activity.

Thanks to Misiones R&D IA, and in collaboration with Iberdrola and other companies, we will continue to develop the latest techniques for our customers in the sector:

  • Save operating and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce CAPEX.
  • Increase revenues or margins.